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A Consolidated Appalachian Footprint

Diversified Gas & Oil PLC (DGO) is an established,  independent owner and operator of producing natural gas & oil wells concentrated in the Appalachian Basin in the United States. Our field operations are densely located throughout the neighboring states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, where we are one of the largest independent conventional producers.

We have grown rapidly over the last few years, capitalizing upon opportunities to acquire and enhance producing assets in our region of focus, and leveraging the operating efficiencies that come with economies of scale.

Our Strategy

Our goal is to acquire and manage our oil and natural gas properties to generate cash flows and provide stability and growth for the long-term benefit of our stockholders.

Target PDP Acquisitions

We capitalize on the opportunity to acquire complementary producing conventional oil and gas assets in the Appalachian Basin from industry players who are seeking to re-focus resources to  shale reservoirs. Our target assets are characterized by predictable production rates, long-life (40 to 50+ years), and low decline rates.

Maximize Production, Minimize Costs

We maximize production from our portfolio through the deployment of rigorous field management programs and accelerating or extending production by deploying new extraction technology and/or refreshing decayed infrastructure on poorly maintained wells. Through operational efficiencies, we demonstrate our ability to maximize value by enhancing production while lowering costs.

Execute Low-Risk, Low-Cost Drilling

Our vast land bank provides a significant opportunity for organic growth through infill drilling activities. As a result of our focus, our wells are low-cost and operationally low-risk, ensuring we retain strict control of drilling and completion costs. We can activate a low-risk development program in a favorable commodity pricing environment that ensures a quick return on investment.

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Our corporate headquarters is located within the United States in Birmingham, Alabama, and we operate an administrative headquarters in Canton, Ohio.  We were incorporated in England and Wales as a public limited company on July 31, 2014 by our founders, Robert Hutson Jr. and Robert Post.

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