Smarter Well Management

Our Smarter Well Management ("SWM") program is aimed at increasing the productivity of our wells while simultaneously improving their safety, reducing their environmental footprint and lowering the overall unit operating costs of our asset portfolio. 

Our emphasis on SWM is a daily focus in our operations, and we believe that it is one of our core differentiators in comparison to other producers, both in Appalachia and in other producing regions. The foundation of our SWM program is each of our four operational principles:

Practical Examples of Smarter Well Management

With a portfolio consisting of thousands of wells across multiple states, EHS management and Sustainability remain top priorities as we demonstrate our commitment to be a good corporate citizen within the communities in which we live and operate. We frequently review our portfolio of low-decline, mature, producing wells for projects suitable for SWM. This program is a central component of our overall investment case and business strategy and reflects our belief that operational focus with a commitment to environmental stewardship is good business. SWM activities can generate favorable environmental impacts in a number of manners, including:

Lowering unchecked emissions and improving safety through continuous financial and manpower investment in the mechanical integrity of our operational equipment.

Eliminating unchecked methane emissions via proactive pipeline surveillance.

Reducing miles driven by our field operations team due to our geographic scale and well density.

Reducing water disposal costs with innovative mater management practices.

 Reducing well visits and miles driven by installing monitoring and measurement equipment.

Lowering emissions by reducing inefficient operational compression due to scale and synergistic opportunities.

For more information on our Smarter Well Management program, please visit our Sustainability Report