Systematic Well Retirement

Consistent with our business strategy and our reputation as a leading operator in the region, we are committed to environmental stewardship as evidenced by the personnel and financial resources dedicated to meeting or exceeding our asset retirement obligations.

We continually strive to design our asset retirement program as a reflection of our stewardship commitment. Each project is uniquely designed for the most efficient and effective permanent closure of the well, rather than using a generic "one size fits all" design. For every well plugged, our operations teams take into consideration a number of factors such as geography, environment and various state-level agreements that impact plugging activities.

Our Safe and Systematic Asset Retirement Program was created with strict regard to regulatory requirements and plugging agreements held with each primary operating state. In adherence to these obligations, DGO retires wells using a well-specific design process, as outlined below:

Acting as Responsible Stewards

Stewardship involves environmental, social and economic considerations. The Company takes seriously its commitment to stewardship, using a systematic process to identify wells ready for retirement, including:

  • Safety or environmental concerns
  • State retirement lists
  • Non-producing wells
  • Other relevant factors

It is our desire to return each retired well site insofar as possible to its original and natural condition. We work closely with landowners and regulatory authorities to meet all expectations when retiring wells, restoring well sites and reducing the environmental impact of our operations. 

Beginning in 2020 we will plant at least one tree (or donate an equal amount of funds accordingly) on every well site at which the Company permanently retires a well. 

For more information on our retirement program, please refer to our Sustainability Report